Royal polyester embroidery threads are the choice for those who want a competitive price and exceptional quality. This type of thread provides embroidery with strong gloss, which works well in a wide range of industrial applications. From underwear, through leather haberdashery, to work clothes. Royal polyester is a universal thread for machine embroidery, as well as for all types of embroidery, from traditional embroidery, through the convex, and ending with the loop. Royal polyester threads are characterized by high durability and resistance to tearing or abrasion. Royal polyester threads can be combined with metallized threads and used for decorative and ornamental embroidery. Polyester embroidery threads
Viscose threads for embroidery Royal viscose are a choice for those who expect quality and a rich color palette. This type of thread gives embroidery an elegant silk gloss that is perfect for both women’s clothing, underwear and bedding.
  Our offer includes both metallized threads for BRAWO embroidery and Royal embroidery threads. Metallized threads give embroidery a modern and decorative character. Thanks to them, extremely effective embroidery is created, which is not only modern, but also fashionable. Metallized threads are intended for all embroidery machines, buttonholes, as well as for fine lettering and detailed designs, including monograms, coats of arms, uniforms or evening dresses. Metallised threads have a polyester core that is braided with a metallized color. They are resistant to tearing and abrasion, and are also more resistant than viscose threads. Metallized threads
Trousers threads, otherwise lining, are extremely important, especially in machine embroidery. Thanks to them there is a possibility of durable and effective embroidery. Thread pants available in our offer can be used for the embroidery machine drum, but also for making a string on an embroidery machine. These threads are characterized by high flexibility, resistance to tearing, but also ensure high efficiency and appropriate tension on the machine. Our assortment includes embroidery pants threads in white and black. Trousers threads

The embroidery line allows you to make intricate embroidery with the use of jewelry accessories.
Our assortment includes embroidery line adapted to single and multi-head embroidery machines. It is very thin, which allows for precise work, and is also resistant to breaking. This line is also invisible, because it adopts the color of the sequins or material used, thanks to which the embroidery made with its use looks impeccable.

The embroidery line will allow you to sew decorative elements such as pearls or ribbons.

Non-woven fabric or non-woven fabric inserts available in our offer are used to stiffen and strengthen individual elements of clothing. Foils are used to glue the necessary elements, which has a positive effect on the final effect. We achieve high-quality embroidery and finishing on a variety of assortments thanks to non-woven and foil.
Our offer includes torn paper and non-woven fabric.

Tear paper fleece is used in all embroidery machines, as well as in sewing machines. They provide embroidery stabilization and serve as a stiffening foundation for thin and delicate materials.
Non-woven fabric, just like paper nonwoven fabric, is suitable for all embroidery machines and sewing machines, but they are also perfect for embroidery on T-shirts or baby clothing.
Non-woven fabrics available in our offer not only perfectly stabilize embroidery, but also prevent wrinkling of the material and are pleasant to the skin.

These non-woven fabrics are characterized by high quality and durability, which is why they are perfect for those for whom details prove the quality of the finish.


Thermofoil for gluing textiles, hydrofoil or annealed film. Thanks to them, the finish of individual products is elegant and made with full attention to detail.
Thermofilm for gluing textiles is a thermal foil for gluing in the form of dried glue activating under the influence of high temperature. Designed for gluing: applications, emplemats, patches, badges, patches on the knees or elbows of children’s clothing. I am also suitable for ironing on ready and inaccessible to the machine products, i.e. bags, pockets, hats, wallets, bag straps, jackets, coats, jackets, wedding dresses, clothes for baptism or communion, etc.

Water-soluble hydrofoil is a film suitable for all embroidery machines. Designed for embroidery on fluffy materials or with an uneven surface, e.g. terry, velor, towels, fleece, plush, thicker sweater fabrics. Perfectly stabilizes embroidery on thin and delicate materials. The foil dissolves in water, thanks to which the received embroidery is free of impurities and acquires a nicer look.

The soaked foil helps to stabilize the embroidery, prevents deformations. It is completely removable under the influence of heat, so thanks to its use we will always achieve the perfect effect. Ideal as a base for embroidery guipure, lace, chiffon and on very thin fabrics.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of films.


3D embroidery foam gives the opportunity to decorate with embroidery with a 3D effect. Perfect for embroidery on fabrics and knitted fabrics, where we want to get a convex pattern or motif with an aesthetic and solid appearance. Suitable for all embroidery machines (multi-head, single-head, home).

Our foam is resistant to flattening, and thanks to its double foundation, you can achieve even better embossing effect. It is sunbathing and separates very well from embroidery.

Our assortment includes, among others, embroidery sequins, both on the tape and on the string.
Sequins for embroidery are a universal solution compatible with all embroidery machines. They are suitable for decorating virtually any type of clothing and materials. We will find them, among others, on women’s clothing, underwear, sportswear or shoes.

Both the sequins on the tape and on the string are very easy to cut, which allows the precision of the finishing elements. No wonder that very often this type of sequins is found on wedding dresses, ball gowns, or dancers’ costumes.

Sequins on a string and on a tape can also be used for handicrafts. Using glue, we can put them on paper, making them suitable for decorating cards, frames, albums, invitations or scrapbooking.
Sequins for embroidery allow you to tastefully finish clothing, accessories and even paper. They allow for creativity, and they are still an extremely fashionable decoration of clothes and accessories. Iridescent, eye-catching and add character to even the simplest things.

We also offer felt. This material is second to none when it comes to developing creativity and versatility of use.

Felt is slightly stiff, which is why it is perfectly created from cosmetics bags, bags, wallets or a phone case. It maintains its shape and at the same time is susceptible to what is inside. What’s more, it’s durable and, what’s important, it looks really impressive.
What’s more, felt is very plastic. Even the most fanciful shapes are easily cut out. It is also easy to glue and staple. Thus, it becomes one of the most pleasant materials for handicrafts and all kinds of processing.

Felt is an ideal material for laser cutting, it works well when creating embroidered applications, patches, badges, as well as other small elements. Beautifully decorated brooches, dining room placemats and jewelry are often made of felt. Contrary to appearances, this is a material with an infinite number of uses. Felt is perfect for all manual and handicraft works. It is often used for art classes, as well as for playing with children.

In our store we sell felt in sheets 20 × 30 cm, by the meter and on beams.

String beads are also available in our assortment. You can choose from glass, plastic and bow beads.
String beads are designed for traditional embroidery, handicrafts and combining several methods of decorating simultaneously.

Beads are available in a wide range of colors, which allows them to perfectly match the needs. Beads on a string look great together with such forms of decorating clothing as hot fixods or sequins.
The beads are designed for sewing with a cording head on single and multi-head embroidery machines.
Beads on a string can be cut to any length, so they will not only be an effective complement to clothing and accessories, but also manual and handicraft work. Certainly they are used in decorating frames, invitations, creating jewelry, albums, gifts and original notebooks.
Thanks to the rich selection of colors, beads on a string will be the perfect complement for those dealing with the textile industry, amateur sewing and all those who enjoy creative and creative work.

Beads are characterized by high quality and aesthetics of workmanship, they themselves will be an ideal decoration for clothes, accessories and more.