In our offer you will find a very large selection of tapes. These are both sewn / sewn tapes as well as HOT FIX adhesive tapes. The sewing tapes we have are divided into elastic ones, which perform both a decorative function and combine two materials in an elastic way, as well as typically decorative tapes that give the character of a given thing.

A wide selection of decorative tapes allows them to be used in many areas, both clothing and creative. We have several dozen types of lace in different colors, combined with metal chains or jets, tassels with fringes, ala guipure tapes (also elastic), colorful children’s tapes and many more.

The tapes are ideal for decorating handbags, clothing items such as hats, scarves (scarves), gloves and for decorating items such as pillows, candles, frames, curtains, tablecloths, napkins etc.
The tapes we have in the range are products selected by our designers, in line with current trends. We import the latest productions on an ongoing basis and present them to our clients.

The applications we have in our offer include: Thermo adhesive jewelry applications (like the butterfly in the picture) in various shapes, colors and sizes from 1cm x 1cm up to 15cm. The application consists of tiny crystals, larger decorative stones, everything is connected by an adhesive, which under the influence of temperature combines the application with the material and creates a surprising effect. Metal decorations such as pendants, guides, tassels, rings, safety pins, brooches, which are usually accents of underwear, dresses, blouses, etc.

Sewing applications with sequins, we have a very large selection of ready-made applications on a mesh or felt, ideal for sewing on e.g. t-shirts, children’s clothing, a jacket, handbags. they are beautiful on collars, neckline, cuffs or pockets.

You can also use them for children’s clothes and any accessories such as hats, headbands, scarves, chimneys, gloves or handbags or shoes. In bulk, they are perfect for decorating wedding halls and other occasional parties.
















The stones that we have in our offer are: 

  • Stones in the baskets for sewing – they have holes in the basket for sewing to the material. We offer them in 13 colors and 20 different shapes to choose from.


  • Stones without baskets for sewing – they have small holes in the stone, through which you can pass a thread / line to sew to the material. We offer 2 colors and 14 shapes.
  • Stones with a mustache – thanks to the metal mustache, we can put this stone without sewing, and by bending the “mustache” to various surfaces, e.g. Non-fabric

Our range of clothing decorations has a very large selection of decorations for children. They are, among others: 

Iron-on transfers – embroidered / sequin applications that can be applied with an iron / fabric press. This is a very easy and quick method of decorating. Iron-on transfers we have in various shapes (motifs) for both girls and boys, animal motifs such as bulldogs, unicorns, parrots, floral and military motifs, trendy slogans like WOW, HOT, GIRL, lips, lipsticks, drinks, shoes, numbers and letters.

Applications with sequins, embroidered for sewing, usually on a mesh or material. This season’s hit are applications with reversible sequins, which give the possibility of styling in two ways, if the sequins are differently colored e on both sides. We have a very large selection of these decorations, and we are constantly expanding this range due to the great interest.

Plastic applications to be sewn or thermo-adhesive. Bows and flowers in a very large number of designs and from a variety of materials: with pompoms, mesh, organza, grosgrain, tulle. In very different decorations: with sequins, with jets, with pompoms, with glitter. They will be an ideal decoration for children’s creation or an article intended for a child.

Tapes with pompoms, colorful gums, sequin tapes available in our warehouse in many colors, with various motifs. They complement children’s stylization, can also be used to decorate home accessories, toys, bags, hats.