Viscose threads for embroidery - C141
Viscose threads for embroidery - C141

Viscose threads for embroidery - C141

Viscose threads from the world-renowned Royal brand.

  •  Raw material: 100% viscose
  •  Thread thickness: 40 tex (120D/2)
  •  Reel: 5000 m
  •  Color palette: 504
  •  Brand: Royal (ChonBang® Korea)
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What characterizes our viscose threads?

Royal viscose threads are, above all, universally applicable.

Created for machine embroidery, they are perfect for traditional, flat, convex, loop and terry/chenille embroidery. As a result, we achieve a natural cotton embroidery with a characteristic silk gloss.

Thanks to a wide range of colors you will satisfy all your customers.

Viscose thread specification:

  • Raw material: 100% viscose
  • Thread thickness: 40 tex (120D/2)
  • Reel: 5000 m
  • Color palette: 495
  • Brand: Royal (ChonBang® Korea)


  • A thread obtained from shiny braided viscose
  • It ensures cohesion and uniformity of the embroidery
  • Washing temperature: max 50-60°C
  • Maintains a soft character at high friction values
  • The thickness of 40 tex drastically reduces the number of punctures, making it easier to obtain raised embroidery
  • Easy connection with metallised threads

Example applications:

  • Multi-head, single-head and home embroidery machines
  • Punches
  • Embroidery on women's, men's and children's clothing, underwear, bedding, curtains, curtains, napkins, tablecloths, leather goods, footwear, hats, jeans, sportswear, business uniforms, coated, canvas and decorative fabrics
  • Flamed and metric embroidery, e.g. lace, guipure, collars
  • Creating clothing and accessories for advertising and events
  • Suitable for quilting
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