At a time when rhinestone motifs are conquering markets around the world, Wikoria is meeting the needs of designers and clothing manufacturers by launching the official distribution of Sierra Hot Fix Era software in Poland.

Hot Fix Era - the world's No. 1 software for creating rhinestone designs.

Everything you need to create unique designs in one easy-to-use and intuitive tool.

Currently, there is no better solution to create hot fix motifs.

Why Hot Fix Era?

Time counts!

Designing rhinestone motifs is a process that not only requires skills and a sense of aesthetics, but is, above all, very time-consuming. A huge component of the final price for a motif is the time spent on preparing a program that is understandable for the motif arranging machine.

What if we simplified this process and presented a solution that was fast and intuitive?

This is where Hot Fix Era comes to the rescue and the complicated creative process is shortened to the necessary minimum.

This makes your designs cheaper to produce, thus increasing your profits.

Hot Fix Era allows you to determine the geometry of objects by:

  • digitization thanks to the introduction of arcs or Bézier curves
  • automatic tracking of raster images
  • defining vector objects on the fly

program for creating rhinestone motifs

Use graphics from any source and vectorize them automatically.

You can start the digitization process with a regular raster graphic file (JPG, PNG, etc.) or, for example, a bitmap (BMP). If that's not enough - scan images, transform photos or create drawings in our application.

With Hot Fix Era, you can quickly convert standard raster graphics into useful vectors - easier to manipulate and edit. You will save time and money.

Create designs quickly and precisely.

Intelligent Hot Fix Era's tool speeds up project creation and editing with its one-click fill feature. Choose any outline and fill it with rhinestones in a second - no more laborious arranging rhinestones by hand - stone by stone. The program will do it for you!

program for creating rhinestone motifs

Full editing of the shape of objects.

All geometric elements such as nodes, holes, curves, etc. can be freely moved, removed, added, stretched, scaled, rotated - complete freedom and convenience. Importantly, we see changes on an ongoing basis, because Hot Fix Era processes the position of the beads according to the new shape.

program for creating rhinestone motifs

Hot Fix Era is also a database of fonts and fill styles.

Thanks to a precise algorithm, you can fill not only images, but also fonts in one of the many styles integrated with the program. Thanks to such great diversity, your patterns will be extremely attractive.

program for creating rhinestone motifs

In Hot Fix Era you will find dozens of fonts that have already been digitized by our designers. Thanks to this, they are fully editable and you can change their arrangement, scale and position each letter individually.

Of course, you can also use your own database of fonts already installed on your computer and thousands of new ones available online.

Ready-made patterns containing text are a matter of choosing the font, entering characters and the style of filling them in - everything happens quickly and easily, and most importantly, precisely.

program for creating rhinestone motifs

Export designs directly to your machine type.

The created arrangement designs, e.g. of glass rhinestones, can be automatically exported into a file understandable by various arrangement machines, including: CAMS, DS-Tech, N&H, GEMFIX or All American.

Create extensive and complicated patterns without worrying about their subsequent production.

program for creating rhinestone motifs

7-day trial period.

To meet the expectations of designers, we give you the opportunity to test the Hot Fix Era program for a week completely free of charge. Thanks to this solution, you can see for yourself how much time Hot Fix Era saves and how intuitive and pleasant its design is.

Convenient and cheap subscription model.

For those who decide to use Hot Fix Era, we have prepared the opportunity to subscribe to the software without having to opt for the expensive boxed version.

The contract is concluded for a period of 12 months, after this period you can simply resign, without any asterisks or small print - clearly and clearly.

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