Heat Transfer Vinyl - Glow In The Dark

Applicators and tweezers

Flex Film selector. Seam Cutter.

zł 4.92
Tailor's pruner, ripper, buttonhole cutter, thread cutter... Many names - many uses. A basic tool for everyone interested in tailoring, decorating, sewing, handicrafts, DIY, etc. It works great as a Flex Foil selector or for "peeling" stickers.
Heat Transfer Vinyl - Glow In The Dark

Heat Transfer Vinyl - Glow In The Dark SGD-01 Yellow

SMTF Europe
zł 65.87
After exposure, the Glow In The Dark foil begins to emit quite strong green light. Thanks to several color versions, it remains visible also during the day. The unique nature of the foil allows you to create interesting and spectacular patterns - which will certainly be appreciated not only by children. 1 rm = 50 x 100 cm
zł 39.00
A complete catalog of most available Flex Foils. Thanks to it, you can easily and confidently choose the product you are interested in or select its colors. The catalog contains round pieces of real foils, not prints of them. You can touch each of them and make an informed choice for a given idea. Form: Folder with insertsSheet size: A4Package: 1...
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